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Bethany Butler

by Bethany Butler () 24/08/2017

It all started one frightful monday night, curt (my other half) had just finished his tea and I was putting his work clothes from the day in the wash. The cycle goes on as planned, now at this point I need to tell you that when our washing machine is finished it plays a lovely rendition of jingle bells. (We did not choose this and cannot change it!) But this time was not the case. It stopped spinning and gave 8-10 loud beeps. Nothing appeared to be wrong so I popped them on a spin cycle and about 20 minutes later the joyous sound of jingle bells played through the flat! So...tuesday morning I was having a lie in so asked curt to put some of the towels in the wash, only 3/4 and I would get them out to dry when I got up, so after a little nap and morning tv I went downstairs, opened the washing machine and out came Niagara falls (bit of an over exaggeration but you get the picture) Confused and annoyed i mopped up, drained the washing machine and cleaned the filter. It was spotless so I'm not sure why it didn't drain. As I had to leave for work I left the towels in a tesco bag for life (other brands are available) and decided to tackle the problem that evening. Upon returning home I tried just 2 towels on a quick wash and I was greeted about 12 minutes in with the dreaded beeps! Bear in mind I had checked the filter that morning and it was clean so I decided to leave it to the professionals. Now, This is where the team at Leeds accommodation bureau come into play! I called the team Wednesday morning and reported the fault, Calum was very understanding and promised to contact the washing machine technician so he could sort it! At this point I must add I had plenty of clean clothes but I knew curt was going to have dirty work clothes to wash so I hoped it would be sorted soon! Simon was not available until Thursday but would be picking the keys up and coming to have a look on Thursday. Well it turns out another contractor had the keys (we had a sink issue the previous week) so Simon could not get the keys until Friday. Simon came on the Friday and sorted the was the pump..or so we thought. Friday night's are for gin and relaxing so in the knowledge that my washing machine was fixed I had a gin and tonic and promised myself I would do some washing Saturday morning! So bright and early Saturday morning I put curts dirty work clothes in the wash and 12 minutes guessed it...the beeps!! I got straight on the phone and spoke to Kyle who explained it was probably time for a new washing machine and asked if I could send the details of my current machine over so a new one could be ordered via my landlady. No worries! So Monday came...and Tuesday.. and every day from then I contacted Leeds accommodation bureau, I like to be in the loop and even when I was what can only be described as sounding a little crazy and desperate Calum, Kyle and Jackie were patient and kind, sympathizing with the fact that my pile of clean clothes was quickly diminishing. They did not once blame me, make me feel silly, dismiss my calls, they were always very helpful and continued communicating through the process. We live in a beautiful flat and if there have ever been any problem you can guarantee that the team at Leeds accommodation bureau will always work within the best of their ability to make sure it stays that way. So now, I write this review after finally receiving my new washing machine surrounded by racks of clean clothes! Living without a washing machine for close to 2 weeks shouldn't be an issue for someone with a wardrobe full of clothes but it made me realise I don't wear half of them!!!! Thank you to Kyle Calum and jakie, your patience with me was saint like!

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